Monday, January 20, 2014

Roodylib v 3.7

Of course, as soon as I submitted that last version, I remembered some other things I had meant to put in.  Luckily, a couple other things popped up along the way so this update isn't quite as minimal as it could be.

Get it here:

v 3.7 -
        * Added CallFinish, MakePlayer, CoolPause, PauseForKey routines
* Updated shell files to make it easier to turn Roodylib off (for tracking errors down to original library code)
* Updated credits text

Monday, January 13, 2014

Roodylib version 3.6 release

Uploaded a new Roodylib.  Mainly, it fixes some things that Juhana Leinonen found in his Hugo dabbling.  Go download it from Hugo By Example or the Hugo Code Lab (up in the links section to the right).

v 3.6 - * Added DoOpen replacement
* Fixed a ParseError bug (caused by me, not original)
* Added DoGet replacement, updated CheckReach for dealing with instances where the player is in a closed enterable
object and is trying to get something else in the same object