Monday, November 12, 2012

just WIP it

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday updating on older WIP to be roodylib-compatible. Initially, this meant more deleting than anything else, as it had a lot of the routine replacements and various code that were eventually incorporated into roodylib.

The first thing I learned from the process was that I was not happy with how newautomap.h interacts with newconverse.h, statusline-wise. I found myself wishing I had documented it better when I wrote my new PrintStatusLine replacements system. Eventually, I remembered that its current behavior has the map still show up when conversation options are present. Sure, the two windows were drawing fine, but in my false memory, I thought I had created a system to block the map from showing up at all under certain circumstances. In the end, I spent several hours tweaking newautomap.h to work better and do just that. I'm not sure it's the best-it-can-be yet, but it's better.

The other thing my old code reminded me about was how it had some code to allow clumping items-in-a-room's short_desc all to one paragraph, like:

      A giant spoon lies on the ground, as if discarded by some humongous spoon musician. Your friend, the giant raisin, is here, lying on its side.
 (the above is the clumping of two objects)

Traditionally, nice looking room prose like that has to be hardcoded into the room's long_desc property, but this little venture has me thinking that maybe I'll take this task on again. The way it's handled in my WIP right now is kind of ugly, but I'm thinking I might be able to handle the challenge a bit better now. We'll see.

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