Saturday, December 8, 2012

roodylib listening

Okay, this post is mainly just because I feel guilty when I go too long without writing something here. The excuse I'm using for writing this is just a recent decision I made concerning roodylib's handling of listening.

Now, for those that remember, Hugo's old listening behavior was to direct players to object-listening when they do location-listening (listening without an object). I thought location-listening was pretty important so I made it possible in roodylib.

Lately, I've been working on a WIP that tries to be realistic and arty and all that crap, so I've had to pay special attention to sensory verbs (not that I've done much about it yet). Anyhow, pretty early on, I changed the default object-listening behavior to a variation of "Why do that?" since really, inanimate objects are generally not worth listening to.

Anyhow, I recently decided that, hmm, maybe something like that should be the default object-listening response. Let's kill those dreams before they become our nightmares!

In the end, I'm going with "That would serve no purpose."


  1. "Inanimate objects are generally not worth listening to." Hmm, you didn't say that about the hiss from the leaking gas meter when you reviewed my Teleporter Test!

    1. Listening responses for objects are great when they are there, and it is hoped that the author will write such responses for everything that *does* make sounds, but I just find it too easy to miss items and it makes one's game look dumb with the old response.