Monday, March 24, 2014

Roodylib 3.8

So, this release feels like it adds a lot more than it probably will feel to the end user, but here is the changelog:

* Added an "elevated" attribute for enterable platforms (such as ladders) where "down" is an accepted exit direction
* Changed the vehicle class again (check out roodylibdocs.odt)
* Added USE_SMART_PARENTS flag so if the player tries going into an invalid direction while in an enterable object, they get "You can't go that way." instead of "You'll have to get up/out."
* In doing so, updated DoGo, and the vehicle and door classes to support it
* Added SKIP_DOORS flag so player can breeze through unlocked doors without opening them like NPCs
* Added a HugoFix settings object so debug monitor settings are kept after a restart
* If daemon/fuse monitoring is on (in HugoFix), a prompt asks whether to run the relevant daemon/fuse (to make it easy to skip during testing, if wanted)
* Got rid of an unnecessary AUX_MATH routine call in printstatuslib
* Made sure Roodylib is more NO_OBJLIB, NO_VERBS, and NO_XVERBS compatible
* Added USE_DARK_ROOM flag so dark rooms appear like an actual room when you enter them (check out roodylibdocs.odt)
* Updated flags.h to include new flags
* Update "go" grammar
* Added the coverart extension to Roodylib because of its configlib compatibility
* Updated old files to have UNIX line feeds and fixed indenting on older code

I also touched up some of the documentation files to mention a couple more things.  Still, there is probably lots of stuff that I could describe more.  If there are Roodylib functions that you'd like to see be better described, shoot me an e-mail!

You can download the latest version here:

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