Saturday, November 15, 2014

Roodylib developments

So, since the last official release of Roodylib, I've somehow managed to get sucked into a ton of tweaking-the-parser type stuff, things that I didn't really even see myself taking a look at just a couple months ago.  Most audaciously, I have moved some of the parsing gruntwork out of the Parse routine and into routines like FindObject and Perform (routines called after the parsing cycle is done).  There has been a lot of attention to the parsing of orders to NPCs.  I've also taken a stab at changing how the pronoun system works.  No longer will authors have to set the object global to "-1" just to make sure AssignPronoun (*) actually works like we want.

some parser responses under the new code
Now, for much of that, the responses are just what you'd expect out of a game, but, of course, that's mainly the point.

Overall, I like where this all is heading, but really, I've tweaked so many things that I could have introduced a ton of small bugs so I've been trying to get more testing of this new code than I usually ask for before an official release.  To do so, I have compiled several games with code available with the latest Roodylib code.  If interested, you can play them here (last updated November 14th with the new pronoun code):

And feel free to take a peek if you are curious about new code.  Like I said earlier, most of the important stuff is in Parse, FindObject, ParseError, or Perform (and SpeakTo).

* My updated AssignPronoun uses a second argument in cases where the author wants to force the pronoun setting.

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