Thursday, March 5, 2015


So Roodylib has that LinesFromTop routine that allows games to write text from the top of the screen.  Personally, I prefer that top-justified look.  The downside to using it is that it won't work with games that use PicturesInText (the routine for drawing graphics in the text window) and it can cause bad behavior in DOS interpreters.   Since some of those DOS interpreters are not "minimal" ports, there's really no easy way to check for it.

Authors who doesn't really care about whether their text is top or bottom justified should just have the LinesFromTop routine return display.windowlines.  Personally, I consider DOS archaic enough that I'd possibly release DOS versions of games just so most people get the "nice experience."

(That said, we'll probably have some online Hugo games in the near future through the use of a web DOSbox instance, so they would definitely have to use DOS-friendly code.)

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