Friday, July 31, 2015


Within just a couple hours of that last post, I was blown away by the generosity of a donation.  Not having any huge Roodylib-related tasks on my plate right now, I decided that it's time I put more effort into making Roodylib's documentation presentable.  I spent a couple hours already making an outline of topics I'd like to cover (with it all being easily browsable), resulting in this:

I still have to order it so all of the things most useful to new authors and authors-getting-acquainted-with-Roodylib are explained first.  Right now, the plan is to write the entire thing in LibreOffice, but I may export to PDF for the final copy (in the past, I used an open document just because I figured I could use it basically as a fancy readme text file, but I guess there's no real reason I can't just make the whole thing look nicer).

Anyhow, one thing I'd probably like to do in the documentation is have bits of sample code here and there.  Anyone have any experience with inserting code in open documents (what styles/formatting look best, is there a nice extension for this, etc)?  So far, googling hasn't exactly been my friend, and any advice would be appreciated.

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