Sunday, October 25, 2015

Announcing Roodylib 4.1.1 - the "Information" release!

So, a couple months ago, I had recently added a donation button to this blog.  A generous soul jumped on that right away.  I decided the best way I could pay him back was to improve the Roodylib documentation so people wouldn't have to dig through "roodylib.h" for all of the hidden features.

It took much longer than I had predicted, but I like to think that the final product is nicer than I originally foresaw, too.  Plus, writing the documentation led to a couple updates in Roodylib itself, so all in all, I'd say this was a good deal!

Download Roodylib 4.1.1 here


Download the latest Hugo Notepad++ bundle

Changelog stuff

        * updated - BeforeRoutines, AfterRoutines, RepaintScreen, DoInventory
* some additional HugoFix object tree organization, a HugoFix recording playback helper, $mp tweak
* made automatic-door-opening look nicer
* if a key_object is set quiet, it won't automatically open a door until after it has been explicitly used
* USE_SCOPE_REACT for checking react_before/after of scope objects
* changed PreParseError to BeforeParseError
* attachable behavior improved, especially with regards to pushable things
* better DescribePlace configuration support
* cleaned up some rollable-objects code
* reworked how some FORMAT & LIST_F and indentation stuff works
* updated documentation

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