Saturday, January 9, 2016

Updates in Accessibility

I spoke about accessibility in the last post.  It was brought to my attention that NVDA, another screen reader, does in fact work with some Hugo interpreters.  This was exciting news as I could finally test my new accessibility code.

For one thing, I was pleased to discover that my option to disallow screen-clearing was in fact justified; in-game screen clearing occasionally causes NVDA to lose track of the text.  For the meantime, I'm taking the "clear every turn" option out until I learn of screen reader software that might work with.  I'm also pretty pleased with the switching-the-prompt command; "Your command..." sounds a lot better than "greater than."

If anyone wants to try NVDA out themselves, you can download it at

You can get the add-on someone wrote for several IF interpreters at

I found finding the place to install the add-on in NVDA was a bit of a search, but dig enough, and you'll find it.

The add-on specifically targets the winglk Hugo interpreter which can be downloaded at

Lastly, download any of the following games, compiled with Roodylib's new accessibility code.  Now, they're not my games (I'd much rather have people play something good) so please don't redistribute; these are just for personal use.

Guilty Bastards:

Accessibility commands are listed if someone types the suggested "INFO" command.

Moving your mouse reverts NVDA to "hover over words" mode, so for best uninterrupted behavior, leave your mouse alone.

These accessibility commands will be on by default in future releases of Roodylib.

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  1. You could've doubleclicked on the .nvda-addon file in explorer; that shortcut was added to NVDA a few years ago. Thanks for the updates. Now all we need is an accessible Hugo interpreter for the mac; I've been using the Darwin/terminal version.