Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Roodylib 4.1.2

I'm several months late in helping someone code a scene in their game, so me being me, that means I went and got Roodylib ready for a new release!  SORRY, JIZ!

The three main elements of this new update are:

  • Incorporated the accessibility code mentioned one or two posts back into Roodylib and made them available by default.  I may add another accessibility feature at some point- some kind of spelling system for uncommon words (as discussed on the intfiction.org forums)
  • Code supporting Nikos Chantziaras' Hugor opcodes system
  • Incorporated "newmenu.h" into Roodylib so one doesn't have to include the extra file.  I added mouseclick support to menus sometime within the last handful of months, too.

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