Thursday, February 18, 2021

More Necromancy

In awesome news, Juhana Leinonen was able to convert my old Hugo By Example backups and give it a new presence on github.  Hugo By Example was a wiki created by Royce Odle for learning Hugo, but sadly, it has been unavailable for several years now.  The things I learned while writing for it were largely responsible for the creation of Roodylib.  Even as one of its more prolific contributors, back in the days where I actually wrote games (gasp!), there were certain pages I referred to all of the time.  It's just great to have a resource where things like error message numbers and constant values (things that are not always covered to the full extent in the Hugo Book) are cleanly listed without having to dig through the Hugo library every time.

Hugo By Example was last updated in 2013 so in the coming weeks, I'll be focusing my attention at correcting statements that are no longer true, fixing dead links, and updating it with all of the changes we have seen since then.  I hope the site becomes as useful to someone else as the original was to me.

Beyond that, we also have a new hub (also created by Juhana) for all things Hugo collecting links to the current interpreters, repositories, and other resources that a Hugo user might need.

Personally, I'm very excited about these things.

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