Wednesday, January 2, 2013

announcements and enlistments

Thanks largely to the second annual "Hugo Open House" game release, I've made several improvements and discoveries in the last week  or so. What announcing I've done has mainly been at the forums, as I think that is the best pedestal for shouting to the Hugo world. What has been going on? I'll tell you!

I found a huge xverb grammar bug. I made some progress in refining DoGo. I found my first "checkheld" weakness.

Beyond that, I think I've uploaded new versions of Roodylib a couple times in the last few weeks. Again, this is largely because of the extra testing it got because of the recent games, so that's cool.

With some of those problems above, I've asked for help. I'm pretty confident that we, the Hugo community, will be able to hammer these things out, and Hugo's going to be all the better for it.

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