Thursday, January 31, 2013

shell shock

Lately, I've been more hugolib spelunking. The most recent thing to grab my attention was the OLD_STYLE_PRONOUNS flags. There's a bunch of code for non-old-style-pronouns that can't even be called without editing hugolib.h, as hugolib.h explicitly sets the OLD_STYLE_PRONOUNS flag. It turns out that Kent was never happy with all aspects of new system so he disallowed it but kept the code there in case it could be salvaged.

There isn't a fix for the main problem he foresaw, but there's a workaround, so I've since enabled the system in Roodylib, although now it's called NEW_STYLE_PRONOUNS. Anyhow, it's very likely that there are other issues with the system yet to be found, but it'll be interesting finding it out. I copied over Roodylib's comment-documentation for the feature of to this Hugo By Example page:

Since the workaround to the NEW_STYLE_PRONOUNS problem involves using routines-as-grammar-tokens, it opens the door to more routine-grammar-tokens down the road. Since a fair amount of these routines might require specific things of the objects fed to them, I thought it'd be good to make a helper routine to call. It uses global masks so you can check for several things against one object. I also transferred the comment-docs from this to a HbE page:

Other than that, the new release of Roodylib will have a couple small improvements. Characters now default to having exclude_from_all be true, so things like >GET ALL ignore them. I also put a ClearArray call in one of the status-window-drawing routines to prevent room names from being printed twice in certain scenarios.

Lastly, I've updated the shell file included with Roodylib. I've thought the flag listing in the old shell was starting to get a bit unwieldly, so I thought it better if flag-setting was its own file (I did the same for grammar and library inclusion). Unfortunately, it might bug people to have four files where there once was one, so now Roodylib comes with a shell folder with both old and new shell versions.

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