Monday, April 1, 2013

more roodylib updates

I added a lot to Roodylib today. The biggest chunk of code was probably my new (optional)  DescribePlace system. All in all, Roodylib went from 160 KB to 181 KB.

I also "released" my port of Cardinal Teulbach's SceptreQuest, which I uploaded to (I use quotes because I don't intend to announce the game any where besides here and my twitter account, as the copyright on the game doesn't technically allow re-release like this). Writing that inspired several Roodylib updates today. We'll get to that in a bit.

First off, I added an AMERICAN_ENGLISH flag to Roodylib. It really doesn't change as much as you'd think. All it really does is move quotation mark placement for statements such as "I don't understand the word 'blah.'"

As mentioned I also added that DescribePlace stuff. When I ported SceptreQuest, I also coded its odd color handling. I found that this involved changing color at places that forced me to replace whole hugolib routines, so among other things, I added calls to RLibMessages to handle different printed tasks for DescribePlace (such as the printing of the room name), WhatsIn, and ListObjects. As far as ListObjects goes, there are probably more bits of text that I could sent to a message routine, but I'll add those as needed.

 I also finally added that DESCFORM_I constant to act as a FORMAT mask. When enabled, DescribePlace does not print the blank line before printing the room name. It now does this check (in RLibMessage):
                    if not (FORMAT & DESCFORM_I) or (verbroutine ~= &MovePlayer and
                    verbroutine ~= &DoLookAround and a = location)
                        print "\n";
The location check allows one to use DescribePlace to fake movement to rooms (where it should not print a new line) but still prints a new line for when things like newmenu.h call DescribePlace after having printed "returning to the story...".

The next thing I'm considering working on is a combination of Future Boy's time object class and improved resource.h  routines where things like audio.current_music is automatically cleared after the song is over. Going over it in my head, though, has me thinking it might be too bulky for Roodylib-inclusion so I may just improve my already-existing-but-separate jukebox system to do that. We shall see!


  1. SceptreQuest! I always wanted to play that one, but it never worked! The Hugo Engine always gave me an error message. The first time I tried it was with a command-line version of the Engine, probably 9 years ago, shortly after I was first getting into IF and I discovered the batch of Hugo games that existed back then.

    At last, I can open squest.hex! :)

    1. Yeah, SceptreQuest (the original, at least) and East of Eastwood must be played with the DOS-only interpreter that can be found at