Tuesday, April 2, 2013


In one of my WIPs, I did some hacky things to my code so that in any given room, objects with short_descs are grouped together into one paragraph. Since I've been adding DescribePlace-related stuff to Roodylib lately, I thought, hey, let's see if I can make this an official option in there!

In my WIP, I defined my short_descs like this:
        "A giant spoon lies on the ground, as if discarded by some humongous
        spoon musician.";

With Roodylib, I didn't want to task the author to add the semi-colon each time, and DescribePlace and ShortDescribe really expect short_desc to be a property routine (and not just a regular property). I found that it's pretty much impossible to get the code to play nicely with both.

In the end, I had to create an optional new property and new DescribePlace helper routines to  Roodylib (luckily, I had already designed a DescribePlace that'd allow easy inclusion of such). A game compiled with NEW_DESC set would allow the following and give it proper spacing:

    new_desc "A giant spoon lies on the ground, as if discarded by some
    humongous spoon musician."

Anyhow, this is a feature that will probably only be used by me, but I thought I'd announce it just the same.


  1. That is interesting. Can you control the order that the new_desc strings are listed in the paragraph?

    1. Yeah, it'll be listed with object hierarchy, so the first items listed will be the already-there items in the order they were coded. Newly-dropped items are listed last (of course, if you pick up an object and drop it, its description will also move to the end).