Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm no good at versioning

I recently ran into some annoyances with my WIP where I realized that Hugo's default message for GO-ing at a non-enterable object is "You can't enter that."  I think, more often than not, GO TO <object> will be typed by an IF newbie unfamiliar with IF's world model.  I have updated DoGo to reflect this.  It now results in a "<the object> is right here." message.

Anyhow, I had forgotten that I had already uploaded a version 3.5 of Roodylib (in my memory, I was still sitting on some changes for the next version), so I have uploaded another version 3.5.  Don't care enough right now to change it.

Other things:

  • Been meaning to write a game design theory post with thoughts about designing routines for jumping around your game.  My WIP has several dream and flashback sequences that can be triggered almost whenever so debugging theory has been on my mind.
  • I asked Kent for some ideas for responses for the "You can't enter <the object>." replacement mentioned above.  Besides giving several responses, he jokingly suggested randomizes between them.  It didn't sound like a terrible idea, though.  While I wouldn't provide multiple, random responses to something like verbstub verbs, I could almost imagine randomized responses for some hugolib-centric messages, like ParseError or something.  Ideally, it could give the illusion that the parser/library is more robust than it is.  Still, at the moment, it's probably not worthwhile to go through hugolib and decide which responses could be multiplied.  More important things to do.

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