Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roodylib update

After months of neglect, I've uploaded a new Roodylib.

One is the DoExit bug mentioned in the last post.  Additionally, there are some verb things suggested by Mike Snyder.

Not sure if I ever properly uploaded the previous release (3.4), so here's the changelog from that, too:

v 3.4 - * Updated DescribePlace so it can be called without arguments
* Found another USE_PLURAL_OBJECTS DescribePlace bug in the NEW_DESC stuff
* Updated SpecialDesc, WhatsIn, DoTakeOff
* Checkheld versions of DoWear and DoTakeOff
* Updated FindObject, ExcludeFromAll, VerbHeldMode, SpeakTo, CheckReach
* DoLookIn no longer requires container grammar (now works with non-container, transparent objects)

As always, Roodylib can be downloaded here:

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