Tuesday, July 10, 2012

more debugging stuff

I updated the "roodylib suite" file today (roody.gerynarsabode.org/notdead/roodylib_suite.zip). First off, it fixes a couple things in the included shell file that were caught by Royce Odle (yes, the Royce Odle of Hugo by Example fame). Secondly, I threw in some more debugging commands that are available when the HUGOFIX flag is set. The first two commands are SCOPE and SCOPE ROOMS, meant to remind an author exactly what the player can "see" at any point. SCOPE just checks what is available in the current room, while SCOPE ROOMS makes a list for every room in the game. I previously had shared the code for these routines on Hugo by Example, but in priming it for roodylib, I made a couple things work nicer. The other thing I did was add a VERBTEST <object> command. This is my attempt to emulate an extension that Juhana Leinonen made for Inform 7. It automatically barrages an object with a bunch of library verbs, as a way to remind yourself of what kind of obvious commands a player might use.

So yeah, hopefully, those are somewhat useful.

Lately, I've admitted to myself that I should probably start looking into filing my extensions in some source code management system, but I haven't yet looked into my options. Hopefully some of them are pretty simple. Also, rights-wise, I probably can't choose some open source site for any extensions that use standard library code (like roodylib).

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