Thursday, July 26, 2012

go hug an object tree

The good news is, I've actually been writing game text lately. It's been slow going, but I basically have the opening to my new game done. It's coming together.

Now, this aforementioned game should have a couple color changes when its done, but I haven't decided on the color combinations yet. I was getting pretty sick of trying colors blindly. I thought somebody had made a utility that showed all of the available colors, but I couldn't find it so I coded my own:

While putting it together, for some reason, I was using HugoFix's "$ot" command to look at the object tree. All of the blank (no-named) objects due to my sample game's many windows bothered me, so I updated DoHugoFix's (and its companion routine, DrawBranch's) code so that the following usually-blank items now have a description:
  1. Object 1 is now listed as the display object, which it should always be in a standard library-using game.
  2. I gave the window_class object in "window.h" the type "window_class" so it can be checked for. Window objects get some special window-printing code.
  3. All other unnamed objects are assumed to be replaced objects and are listed as such.
Note: Even unnamed objects are given a name by the compiler- the object's name within parentheses. Window objects are special in that they override this behavior by declaring their name as "" (window names are assumed to be window titles that need to be printed underneath the applicable window). So, other than window objects and replaced objects, it is unlikely (though not impossible, of course) that an object will be without a name.
So yeah, admittedly, that's not the most important roodylib addition I've ever written, but I like it enough.

Other than that, I noticed that Hugor is not handling the MATCH_FOREGROUND constant correctly, so the input color is coming out wrong on some games. I e-mailed Nikos about it, although maybe I've said something about it before as the e-mail gave me a little bit of deja vu (the only implication here is that I'm so disorganized).

Oh, well, progress is progress!

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