Friday, August 24, 2012

finishing touches

Ok, I did those things I mentioned in the previous post, as far as newmenu.h goes. I'm pretty much happy with everything. I did notice that there is some odd behavior in Hugor where the following code:
                    print "[N]ext item"; to 24; "[Q]uit menu"
                    print "[P]revious item"; to 24; "[Enter] to select"
 Occasionally results in:
[N]ext item             [Q]uit menu
[P]revious item          [Enter] to select
(Where [Q]uit is not aligned with [Enter])

Now, the font is PROP_OFF at the point in question. The only way I've found to fix it is to print a blank line beforehand (""). Somehow, I guess, Hugor is getting confused about cursor position or something. Maybe it's a result of the newly-supported realtime transcripting; I haven't checked it in older versions yet. Anyhow, it seems like it might be a tricky bug to track down so I'm going to see how simply I can replicate it before I send it on to Nikos.

Anyhow, my point is, other than that, I'm pretty happy with the current state of newmenu.h. I think all I really need to do now is perfect all of the default messages. I'm still not sure what the best "press a key to continue" text should be, and my "what is IF?"/"how to play IF" stuff in the default menu could use some polishing.

Again, the latest version is at Everybody is invited to weigh in!

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