Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'll make this one quick

I spent 10-15 minutes working on my WIP today. That gave me some motivation to play around with newconverse a bit more. The good news is:
  1. Got all types of "[ undoing (last command)]" working to my satisfaction.
  2. Moved whatever I could from npc.parse_rank (npc being newconverse's character class object) to ConversePreparse, just because PreParse is only called once per turn while parse_rank is called a lot. In parse_rank, I kept some code that sets a verbroutine value if there isn't one, as that doesn't work in PreParse since the engine clears verbroutine after Parse is finished.
  3. Successfully made newconverse both roodylib and non-roodylib compatible. As much as I'd love everyone to always use roodylib, I'm making an effort for all of my extensions to standalone, if possible. That was too much work for cheaplib and colorlib (which now comprise part of the "roodylib suite"), but when I can, I will. Anyhow, it was very satisfying to get it working for both, as I originally thought I had to use some of roodylib's special features for optimal performance.
I think I'm done with newconverse and roodylib for a bit. The latest versions can be downloaded at and, respectively.

Newconverse could use a lot of documentation, and now that I think about it, I probably broke the peaceful coexistence of ASK/TELL characters and menu-driven-conversation characters (which I had purposefully supported with earlier versions of newconverse). I'll probably patch that up down the road, even if I might be the only person who thinks having both kinds of conversations in one game might be kind of cool.

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