Thursday, March 14, 2013


I did upload Roodylib the other day. While I was at it, I uploaded my latest versions versions of beta.h, newmenu.h, and simpletalk.h. Of course, once you upload something, you think of how something could be further improved, and I decided I'd finally add looping-conversation-menu functionality to simpletalk and newsimpletalk.

For whatever reason, in my mind's eye, I thought it'd be something as simple as:
    while true
        if not Phototalk
But the reality was that my code wasn't setup for such a thing. So I added some stuff and long story short, setting the new loop_talk global variable to true causes conversation menu to loop for as long as options are available or until the player quits.

 After that, I added a can_quit global variable that defaults to true, but if set to false, the player doesn't have an option for leaving the conversation menu.

The new versions are up at Hugo by Example but I forgot to mention the new features in the comment documentation. Oh well, next release.


  1. The actual link to the file is broken?

    1. Thanks. The link on the "library contributions" page was fine, but the one on the Simpletalk.h page was not, as you said. Fixed now.