Monday, July 14, 2014

Clothing Update Part II

So, all of this work with clothing made me go, huh, wonder if my old "AIF" code still works. That's the flag that allows you to take off all of your clothes easily.  I mean, I have no intention of writing any clothes-heavy (or clothes-light har har) games anytime soon, AIF or not, but the world model fetishist in me likes to know these things work.  Anyhow, I found that, no, my old code did not work (I don't think it ever worked perfectly; I just hadn't completely tested it correctly).

See, the big problem is that >REMOVE ALL should default to held items, but you can't give it a multiheld token because you still want REMOVE to work with things like platforms or containers, and if you give it just the multi token, it ignores held items completely (only working for held items when they are used specifically).

Initially, the only way I could get it to work was to use the USE_CHECKHELD flag.  The checkheld system moves everything the player is holding to a hidden container in the room, so everything is considered not held (but it marks them with the checkheld workflag so the library knows it WAS held), allowing all verbs to work as you'd like.

Still, I put in all of this work so that in the instances where REMOVE failed, I made WEAR and TAKE OFF also fail in the same way just so there'd be consistency. I also made some instances of DoGet get directed to DoTakeOff.  Anyhow, I'm sort of embarrassed by how much work went into it, but if you want to check it out for yourself, check out the routines ExcludeFromAll, ParseError (cases 3 and 9), and VerbHeldMode in the next official release of Roodylib (version 3.9).  It is really ugly code; I should probably clean it up, but I just don't want to even look at it for a while.

As it often goes, I figured out a nice, non-checkheld-system workaround the next day. It occurred to me that the following PreParse code would do the trick:

        if word[1] = "remove" and word[2] = "~all"
            word[1] = "take"
            word[2] = "off"
            return true
        return false

So, basically, >REMOVE ALL gets turned into >TAKE OFF ALL (since >TAKE OFF doesn't have the same grammar issues).  Of course, ParseError messages will say TAKE OFF instead of REMOVE, but I don't think most players would even notice it isn't intentional.

Right now, if the AIF flag is not set, all variations of TAKE OFF, REMOVE, or WEAR ALL get a "Please specify which item to <blank>."-type message.  If it's set, those commands work, although they work in slightly different ways, depending on whether USE_CHECKHELD is set.

(Of course, I jokingly call it the "AIF" flag, but an author could easily want such a flag in a roleplaying-flavored game where the PC changes his or her armor a lot.)

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