Saturday, July 19, 2014

Roodylib 3.9

This was actually released a couple days ago, but I didn't get around to writing this post about it until now.  Here are the new changes!

  • updated ObjectIs and TestObjectIs
  • small fix to CheapTitle
  • updated CenterTitle to work with the NO_MENUS flag
  • changed "skip" local variable in DoGo to "skip_ahead" since newcango.h already uses a SKIP constant
  • updated code so characters have holding properties automatically and a substitute global is used for containers without them so authors aren't punished for not remembering to supply them
  • added extra supercontainer code to CheckReach, FindObject, DoExit, and DescribePlace
  • fixed mistake in CurrentCommandWords
  • moved ListObject's constant printing (IS_WORD, etc) to RLibMessage for easy replacing
  • better character name listing if there are multiple characters in the room
  • changed HugoFix's object tree listing (now skips replaced objects by default)
  • added "HugoFixInit" menu for setting debugging flags before the game has begun
  • added screen-size-change code to EndGame
  • various changes to grammar, ExcludeFromAll, verbheldmode, ParseError, and DoGet for better handling with clothes
  • added AnythingTokenCheck to FindObject for more control when using anything token grammar
  • changed "rank" local variable in PrintScore to "temp_rank"
  • defined settings objects as type "settings"
  • moved some PrintStatusLine printed text to RLibMessage for easier changing
  • HugoFix, when on, tries to organize the object tree at the start of the game for easier reading
  • lowered the time it takes to redraw the screen in ReDrawScreen and now uses InitScreen for consistancy
  • Changed some of the supercontainer object code itself
  • updated PrepWord to accept multiple words
  • gave names to replaced class objects
  • isolated DoEmptyGround from DoEmpty so authors can write before routines specific to it
  • changed order of checks in DoGet, more parent(object) code and clothing stuff
  • created an AssignPronounsToRoom (defaults to returning true) that allows you to disallow pronouns being set to that room (when it returns false). also created an exit_type global that keeps track of the type of exit used to get to the room (direction, door, non_door_portal). I think my thinking was that if the player types >GO RED DOOR, it'd be jarring when they see the pronoun set to something else. maybe this idea sucks. I don't know!
  • cleaned up children listing for certain instances in DoLook
  • added "object = -1" to things like DoLookIn, DoLook, and DoOpen so pronouns get set nicely
  • added an Infocom-esque "Continuing on." message to canceled DoQuits, DoRestarts, and such.
  • added a default response for trying to remove clothes from other characters. "so-and-so doesn't let you."
  • CoolPause now defaults to bottom-oriented text. put a value in the second routine argument to put it in the statuse line.
  • changed "PauseForKey" to "GetKeyPress". basically just prints and optional prompt and uses HiddenPause to get a keypress value.
  • created a SpeakerCheck routine so you don't have to put too much speaker-checking code in your main routine. if your game needs to do speaker-checking beyond "speaker in location", you can replace SpeakerCheck to fit your needs.
  • Added Kent Tessman's Future Boy! "time.hug" routines to Roodylib. set #USE_TIME_SYSTEM to use.
  • added #FORCE_DEFAULT_MESSAGES flag to keep old DoLook behavior
  • added a default auto-generated DoVersion routine for quick set-up. set #NO_VERSION to turn off.

As always, the latest version can be downloaded at

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